Meet Your Dentist

Meet Your Dentist

Edward A. Glover IV, D.D.S.Edward A. Glover IV, D.D.S.

Married for almost thirty years, I have had my fair share of experiences! I was born in New York City, however with my father being in the military, I was very fortunate to experience being raised in France and Germany. I stumbled upon Texas and started college at North Texas State University.

As I was finishing up NTSU, my parents were stationed in Japan, I was accepted to the University of Texas Dental Branch in Houston. While going to school, I worked and saved money for frequent trips to Japan and was able to take a summer trip to Madrid, Spain where I used the hitchhiking method for means of transportation!! My, how times have changed!! Then… dental school came to an end, along with all my crazy adventures. I realized that I had to settle down in one place …. and that was not going to be an easy thing to do!

So, as I finished up dental school, I joined the USAF and was fortunate to have been stationed for three years at RAF Upper Heyford, England. After the USAF, I opened a dental practice in the Garland/Richardson, Texas area. After 25 years of practicing in a big city, I became tired of the hustle and bustle and needed a change.

So, I searched for a practice that I would like to practice dentistry until I retire. By a fortunate sequence of events, I found a dental practice in Greenville, Texas for sale. So I looked at the map, found where Greenville, Texas was located and met Dr. Helsel and his team. After visiting the town, meeting Dr. Helsel, getting to know the team members, I felt I could definitely see myself practicing dentistry in Greenville until I retired … and I have been enjoying the “Greenville life” since 2007.